6 Ignored Problems in Men’s Health

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Early on, boys are encouraged to be tough, invulnerable, to not appear weak. So as they grow, why would they care about men’s health? After all, a weak man is inadequate and can’t perform his duty, which is what defines him.

Everything about that is wrong and here’s why.

The Truth About Men’s Health

Men are only human—it’s in the name—and all humans are fallible. We make mistakes, have injuries, and get sick from time to time. While there’s some stark differences between women and men’s health, let’s focus on the guys. It’s Men’s Health Month in June.

While most guys are prone to ignoring their aches and pains, perhaps due to upbringing or a natural fear of appearing weak, ignoring your health is the worst thing you can do.

Imagine you broke your ankle and tried to “walk it off.” While it might work for minor injuries, risking further injury only makes matters worse. Not only do you exacerbate the previous ankle injury, but you risk injuring your other ankle, leg, or back by compensating.

We do the same with mental health. By ignoring an unresolved issue or trauma, frustration increases, anger builds, resentment grows, and relationships are at risk for injury as well. This standoffish approach to mental health is not just an issue with men, but it’s the same principle.

Bottom line is this: when we ignore any issue, it gets worse and risks creating more problems.

So, what are six ignored problems in men’s health and how can you avoid the risk?

Let’s get into it.

6 Ignored Problems in Men’s Health

While it’s tempting to blow off a small ache or occasional annoyance, its consistency could be a warning sign for something more. How many of these symptoms do you ignore?


Yup, we went there. Unless you live alone or are nocturnal (we see you, third shifters), you may have been told you snore. If so, pay attention. Don’t waste time getting defensive or offended. Snoring means your airway isn’t clear and can be a symptom of a bigger problem.

You can try a few things at home to stop snoring, but it’s best to tell your doctor. Other things to keep in mind when talking to your doctor are:

  • Do you feel rested at night?
  • Are you particularly stressed lately?
  • Are you drinking alcohol right before bed?

Be sure to disclose everything so your doctor has the whole picture and can treat you best and quickly.

Shortness of Breath

You may try to hide feeling out of breath when you go up a flight of stairs. You may joke that you’re just “out of shape” and blow it off. But there could be more to it than simply not enough time on the treadmill. It could mean a problem with your lungs or heart.

Don’t ignore this. Instead, note whether or not you’re having a harder time lately and tell your doctor. We all feel out of shape sometimes, but normal daily activity shouldn’t put us out. Don’t ignore this one.

“Personal” Issues

Things like urinary problems or erectile dysfunction (ED) can be warning signs of more than lack of achievement in those specific areas. It could mean a problem with your prostate, a symptom of diabetes, or even cardiac issues. Note how long it’s been going on, any pain associated, any changes in your physical health otherwise or your lifestyle, and—you guessed it—tell your doctor.

This is possibly the most ignored type of symptom in men’s health because guys don’t want to feel inadequate. Truth is, if you’re experiencing these symptoms, you’re not inadequate. It just means you have something you need to take care of, and soon.

Skin Spots

How often do men look at their own skin? We shouldn’t be adding freckles or seeing changes in our skin, so it’s important to know your skin. If you see a change, uneven spots, or even wounds that aren’t healing, get that checked out. It could be nothing, but it could be something you want to catch right away.

To prevent skin spots, toughen up your skin with some SPF 30 or better and wear a hat, especially when you’re outside in the middle of the day. Stick to shade when possible and give your skin a once over in the shower to stay aware of your blemishes.

Chest Pain

It’s just heartburn, right? Right? Optum suggests paying attention to the following feelings in your chest:

  • A squeezing pain or feeling of fullness in your chest
  • Cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness
  • Pain in either your arm, back, neck, jaw or stomach
  • Shortness of breath

Knowing the difference can be a life or death deal. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Things can escalate quickly and—wait, you know this already. Do what you want your patients to do!


This is an everyone’s health issue, not just men’s health, but it’s something men are more likely to brush off.

You work a stressful job with basically unhealthy hours and your “clients” are probably not having a good day if you’re there. It’s normal and okay to feel stressed, tired, and even sad at times in this job.

What’s not okay is to unpack and live there and let those feelings rule your life and define you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I more sad than happy in a given week?
  • Have I lost my love for the job?
  • Do I prefer being alone more than I used to?
  • Am I having thoughts of suicide or that I’d be better off dead?

First, if you answered yes to the last question, call 988 immediately. Your life is worth fighting for. You don’t deserve depression and don’t have to stay there.

Men typically don’t like talking about their feelings and many feel it’s a sign of weakness. But men who have gone through therapy or coaching will tell you they feel more whole and capable as a person once they receive help. It’s not a sign of weakness. This job bears a heavy load, so get the assistance you deserve and find out how much you can do once you’re wholly healthy.

A Wholly Healthy Man

There’s more to a person than performance. We all need a little assistance. We can’t always help our genetics or the injuries we’re prone to with our line of work. It’s important to pay attention to your health, man or not, and see your doctor regularly—and tell all! You’re not whining; you’re informing.

Men’s health has been ignored long enough, so this month, let’s work to change that.

We know ignoring one’s health isn’t just something men do. So, this applies to all who would brush things off. Your health matters because you matter!