About Us

We First Responder spouses and families are the first line of defense for our first responders.  Without creating safe spaces for vulnerability and open dialogue about our emotions, the impact of mental health stressors will prevail.

We Are The Strength Behind The Shields.

We are daughters & sons, moms & dads, sisters & brothers.  We are family!

So many of us in first resonder families struggle with relationships, including our marriages! We’ve created 1st Responder Coaching to support  spouses and families as they build lasting and deep connections!

We know First Responders, because we ourselves are First Responders!

1st Responder Coaching was founded on the simple premise that the people who know what first responder life is really like are first responder spouses and families.  Founder Jen Anderson learned that first-hand, while experiencing the challenges that PTSD brought into all aspects of her life.  She used life coaching as a way to move through the daily struggles of schedules, finances, and marriage to create a deeper connection, stronger foundation, and thriving family life for her and her family.  
We Help You Build stronger relationships

1st Responder Coaches

Our Certified 1st Responder coaches have completed a rigorous 12-week training program.  The program consists of book studies, exposure to and understanding of different types of assessments, access and practice sessions with dozens of strategies, tools, and activities that can be used to support all clients for all situations.  Our coaches are trained to help our clients achieve the results they want in as little as three months!

Jen A.

After completing a six month coaching program that incorporated multiple coaching models, including Erickson Coaching International, studying personal and professional growth gurus such Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Andy Andrews, Dale Carnegie, Mel Robbins and Napoleon Hill, and completing Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results program, I couldn’t be more ready to help you achieve your goals through Blue Line Coaching!!


Natalina T.

I am a wife and Mom to 2 young adult girls. Met my husband when I was 17. He worked in corrections for 2 years and then became a Law Enforcement officer. He served 28 years in law enforcement and retired as a Detective Sergeant in May 2021. 30 years in that profession causes many stresses on family life and trying to “normalize” a balance in life. I normalized many behaviors and never realized that my husband was struggling with Cumulative PTSD until it all came crashing down the summer of 2019. We worked together to get him mentally healthier again and come to terms with leaving law enforcement. It is my turn to now support other law enforcement families.


Danielle A.

Hello! I’m Danielle, I live in beautiful Northern Minnesota with my husband and our two kids. I have been a nurse for the last 8 years in a variety of different roles including chronic disease management. I am so excited to be joining Blue Line Coaching and have this opportunity to help fellow law enforcement wives overcome the unique challenges that we experience as part of our spouse’s career. My goal is to empower my clients and help develop skills that will assist them in living their best lives.


Meghan A.

I found Blue Line Coaching through the National Police Wives Association after the January 6th attack on the Capitol. My husband is a Capitol police officer and myself and some other wives were struggling with the politics and the trauma of the situation. Where do we go from here !? Was the question I was hearing. Blue Line Coaching really helped to establish a goal and very concise and tangible action steps on managing self in such a chaotic time. After this encounter I was encouraged to seek out more information on this service and how I could become a part of this unique company. I am so excited to be able to help other law enforcement families as well as my own group of souses with the unique challenges of being a blue line family


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