FRC'S Coach Certification Course Enrollment Process

Congratulations on taking the next steps to enroll in the Coach Certification Course through First Responder Coaching. Please review each segment, complete the deposit, and then watch your email, for the next steps!

Thank you for choosing us to guide you along this path. At FRC we understand the importance of supporting the members of our first responder community. As a certified coach you will develop skills to help ask powerful questions to support your coaching partners.  

A formal, confidential, and secure document will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via DocuSign after receipt of your deposit.

The purpose of this Agreement is to identify the skills needed to be a First Responder Coach, and to confirm the qualifying framework to be followed.

General Information
The Coach Certification Course typically runs twelve weeks and covers many topics, each chosen to give students the models, assessments, and techniques needed to be a successful coach. Classes are held once a week, via Zoom, for two hours. Classes are taught by certified FRC Coach Trainers.

Topics covered in class include values coaching, the coach approach to goal setting, and financial coaching. Outside of class, students will have a text to read and are expected to dedicate some time each week to practice coaching. Upon successful completion of the class, coaches have access to additional training on advanced coaching techniques, along with continued access to a database of resources and coaching aids.

Learning Objectives
1. Student will learn how to effectively coach online and/or in person.
2. Student will learn how to effectively utilize training tools.
3. Student will learn the necessary tools to conduct effective online/in-person training.

Review the full document: CCC Enrollment Agreement

When working with particular individuals or within the scope of certain contracts, it is imperative that FRC maintain it’s integrity by connecting our coaching partners with appropriately credentialed coaches. 

Review the full document: Background Check Disclosure Form

It’s essential for you to follow and meet our ethical standards in your work as a coach. You need to have your work as a coach come from our set of ethics and principles that both you and your coaching partners can depend on. And you need to be able to apply our ethical principles in your coaching relationships.

Review the full document: Ethical Code of Conduct

The link below is our Coach Covenants Agreement. This agreement provides a clear definition of our relationship for services. Important aspects of this agreement include non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation.

Review the full document: FRC Coach Covenants Agreement

There are two financial components to become enrolled in our next cohort.

First, please make a $500 deposit to secure your spot in the next cohort by clicking HERE.  

Next, please familiarize yourself with our payment plans.  You will be required to enroll in a payment plan after the first scheduled meeting of your cohort.  These payment options include either 12 months or 24 months.

Once the above deposit is received, we will provide additional instructions and documentation that must be submitted prior to the first meeting of your cohort.

How you use your Coach Certification can differ, below is a brief overview of options. After reviewing the different Course Certification options, please complete this form Course Certification Selection.

  1. FRC Certified Coach: As a FRC Certified Coach, you will work with FRC on a contractor basis. As a 1099 contractor you can develop your own Coaching Business as well as work with FRC’s clients. FRC clients vary across the country and have various rules and regulations we must follow along with FRC’s individual rules and regulations. To become a FRC Certified Coach, students must accept our background disclosure and allow FRC to conduct a basic background check. Background checks are used to advise FRC in what clients (departments or individuals) the FRC Certified Coach is eligible to work with. In the event that a background check produces adverse information that does not comply with the client standards, students will be advised and alternate options will be provided before finalizing enrollment. 

  2. Certified Life Coach by FRC (Department Authorized): A Certified Life Coach by FRC is an individual who is seeking certification credentials to support their current role within their organization or agency. The individual is not seeking alternative clients through FRC, and their primary clients will be peers, or individuals within their organization. The information within the Coach Certification Course will assist the student in building relationships, supporting individual growth, assisting in personal and profession growth for individuals, and being an accountability agent to help support clients or their peers in achieving their potential. A Certified Life Coach by FRC does not require a background check because the individual is not seeking to work outside of their department or agency. 

  3. Certified Life Coach by FRC (No Department Affiliation): A Certified Life Coach by FRC without a department affiliation is an individual seeking certification credentials for their own personal use. The Certified Life Coach by FRC will have access to various continued education provided by FRC facilitators (at a discounted rate if applicable). Students can use the certification for their personal development, establishing their own life coach business, or their continued education. Certified Life Coaches by FRC can transition to a FRC Certified Coach at a later date after completion of a background disclosure and authorization. 

A formal, confidential, and secure document will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via DocuSign after receipt of your deposit.  Within the Engagement Documents (beforementioned), you will select the level of Certification you are seeking: FRC Certified Coach, Certified Life Coach by FRC (Department Authorized), or Certified Life Coach by FRC (No Department Affiliation), based on your selection additional documents will be provided, if necessary. 

We request that Engagement Documents be completed within 72 hours of receipt. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your FRC representative to discuss or email

What our coaches have to say!

"FRC’s Coach Certification Course was essential in equipping me with the skills to ask powerful questions that get right to the heart of the client’s circumstance. I learned how to focus questions and conversation on our coaching partner’s personal values and how those are evident, or not evident, in their situation. Best of all, I was trained to focus the coaching partner on moving forward in a way that they choose and feel is most successful."
Krystol B.
“I’ve always thought of myself as a good listener. Through FRC’s CCC, I learned how to listen on different levels and how to use that skill to help my Coaching Partners get more out of their sessions.”
Audrey L.