FRC & EFR Launch New Partnership

We’re so excited to announce something new for FRC! Making coaching services more accessible is a top priority for us, so this summer, we’re so pleased to announce a new partnership with Employee Family Resources (EFR), with a soft launch of June 11th and more to come as the summer gets underway!

What does this mean for you, our first responder family? Read on to find out!

Who is EFR?

EFR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit human services organization that works like an employee assistance program (EAP), except EFR offers so much more.

Founded in 1964 as an affiliate to the National Council on Alcoholism, EFR has grown to include services like student assistance, counseling, life coaching, financial and legal consultation, child and elder care, and more. Although based out of Iowa, their services are available in all 50 states in the US. Their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers wellness programs including training like retirement readiness and nutrition counseling.

They work in crisis response, management consulting, and can even perform a culture audit for a workplace. With resources constantly growing, FRC is thrilled to be part of such a vast network.

How is the New Partnership of FRC and EFR Going to Work?

Organizations who work with EFR’s EAP will call them directly at 800-327-4692. EFR will then offer FRC as an option for coaching services. EFR determines an amount of sessions and, after enrollment is complete, allows the individual access to browse and book with an FRC coach. All sessions are completely confidential. Most importantly, this is a FREE option for those working with EFR!

“We hope that more people will reach out knowing that access barriers have been removed,” Kayla Hutchinson, Director of HR and Operations for FRC, says. “Reaching out and talking to someone and creating a community of support is key to making progress and achieving goals.”

The rollout will start slowly in June and build up as the summer moves on.

“We anticipate the first few months will be focused on building awareness,” Kayla adds. “We are truly here to be a resource and partner to our coaching clients.”

How Will This Affect First Responders and Their Families?

First responders are most hesitant to receive services for fear of repercussions with their jobs, difficulty finding help from someone who understands their struggles, or simply due to costs. This new partnership hopes to ease all those concerns.

Since EFR is connects to organizations as an EAP, this covers costs. And since every session is completely confidential, first responders should not fear repercussions—and we’re trying to change that narrative anyway. But the biggest excitement is that with FRC in a new partnership with EFR, first responders will have access to our first responder coaches who know and understand the struggles of first responder life.

“The greatest need is people who can understand experiences within the first responder community,” Kayla says. “It makes sessions more productive to know you don’t have to waste time explaining what obstacles you are challenged with.”

How Else is FRC Expanding?

FRC is in the process of starting two new partnerships with local departments, one on the state level and one on the county level. As we expand our work across the US, we hope to change perspectives about seeking mental health help and build a more resilient first responder community.

Additionally, we’re starting use of a new platform, Practice, which hopes to make coaching session access easier for both coaches and coaching partners. This platform will house our scheduling, coach profiles, and session connections. When we trim the tedious office work down, coaches get to spend more time listening to their coaching partners and building more forward momentum.

These are Exciting Times!

Jen Anderson, FRC’s founder and CEO, is wrapping up her trip in Iowa from the launch and weighs in.

“The launch was very successful,” Jen tells us. “We have connected with over 40 members of the EAP who are excited for this one of a kind collaboration. Definitely, this is the first of its kind!!”

With more connections happening and coaching options expanding, these are exciting times.

“Coaching really is for anyone and everyone,” Kayla explains. “It sounds like a fun tagline, but it really is true. We recognize that many aspects of your life are intertwined. In order to feel success or happiness, you need to look at the whole picture and the whole person.”

That’s what coaching, and FRC, is all about. As our new partnership with EFR kicks off, we hope to bring coaching to more first responders and change the landscape for the first responder community.