We save lives, marriages, and families

We offer coaching resources and tools to thrive throughout the First Responding Life.

We save lives, marriages, and families

We offer coaching resources and tools to thrive throughout the First Responding Life.

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1 on 1 First Responder Life and Relationship Coaching

Interested in getting personalized support for the complex life of being a First Responder, learning how you can adapt to the ever changing climate, and building a strong relationships with your First Responder, spouse or family member? We use tools and strategies developed just for you to explore ways to strengthen the relationships in your life, including with yourself! If you're looking for individualized support this 1:1 coaching with multiple package options is for you!

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Empowering YourSELF Program

The Empowering YourSELF: a 21 day action plan to strengthen the relationship with your First Responder is a life-changing program! The first component gives you three inspiring modules, each with seven jam- packed lessons which include readings, videos, journal prompts, and action steps to see immediate results! The second component is our FREE Group Coaching Sessions! This self-paced program is an excellent value!

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ELITE First Responder Group Coaching Sessions

Join an online community of ELITE FIrst Responders spouses and families who understand the stressors, trauma, and realities of first responder life. Each meeting is guided by ELITE Coaches, whose coaching is driven by the needs of the group. You will also gain access to FRC's Newsletter, which is filled with blogs, real life First Responder stories, and resources to support you through the challenges of First Responder Life.

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Benefits of Coaching

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DO you have the desire to help others who are strugGling?

Interested In Becoming
A First Responder Coach?

Would you like to help First Responder families go from worried and anxious about their First Responder’s mental health, marriage challenges, and other stressors caused by the job, to being at ease and comforted knowing specific lines of communication and support are open and ready when the time comes to discuss the trauma endured on the job.

Danielle A

Hi! I'm Danielle, I live in Minnesota with my husband of 6 years and our two kids (4 and 2). I currently work as an Informatics Nurse (last 4 years) and previously was a chronic disease management nurse (4 years). My husband has been in law enforcement for 14 years and to say it has been a wild ride is an understatement. I am proud to be an FRC Certified Coach and help others navigate the challenges that are unique to the 1st Responder Life.

Kathi K

I am a Law Enforcement officer's wife, mom to 2, and daughter of a First Responder. My husband has been in Law Enforcement for 21 years. As I work to build bridges through supporting spouses, families, and the careers of our spouses, FRC is providing the tools to create tangible goals and figure out the steps to reach them. I am looking forward to bringing these tools to First Responder families, both by supporting the spouses of USCP and those in other agencies in this walk along the Blue Line.

Success Stories From Our FRC Family

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