We Are The Strength Behind The Shields.

We are daughters & sons, moms & dads, sisters & brothers.  We are family!

We, as a First Responder Community, are the first line of defense.  Without creating safe spaces for vulnerability and open dialogue about our emotions, the impact of mental health stressors will prevail. 

We’ve created First Responder Coaching to support ALL aspects of the first responder life.

We know First Responders, because we are First Responders!

First Responder Coaching was founded on the simple premise that the people who know what first responder life is really like are first responders, their spouses and families.  
Founder/CEO Jennifer Anderson learned that first-hand, while experiencing the challenges that PTSD brought into all aspects of her life.  She used life coaching as a way to move through the daily struggles of schedules, finances, and marriage to create a deeper connection, stronger foundation, and thriving family life for her and her family. 
Born into a firefighting and military family, Keith Hanks then spent 21 years as a firefighter/EMT himself in Massachusetts. Years after leaving the job due to PTSD, he got connected with FRC and received coaching first, then became a certified coach as well. In January 2022, Keith became the Director of Business Development for First Responder Coaching. He hopes to bring coaching to as many first responders and their families as possible, so they can reap the benefits of a mentally healthy lifestyle as he did. 

Our FRC Certified Coaches

Our coaches are all connected to the First Responder Life.  They have completed a rigorous 12-week training program.  The program consists of book studies, exposure to and understanding of different types of assessments, access and practice sessions with dozens of strategies, tools, and activities that can be used to support all of our Coaching Partners for all situations.  Book with any of our coaches here or keep scrolling to choose which coach you’d like to connect with! 


Meghan A.

I found First Responder Coaching through the National Police Wives Association after the January 6th attack on the Capitol. My husband is a Capitol police officer and myself and some other wives were struggling with the politics and the trauma of the situation. Where do we go from here!? Was the question I was hearing. First Responder Coaching really helped to establish a goal and very concise and tangible action steps on managing self in such a chaotic time. After this encounter I was encouraged to seek out more information on this service and how I could become a part of this unique company. I am so excited to be able to help other families as well as my own group of souses with the unique challenges of being a first responder family.

Meghan Albanese
Caroline Godin

Caroline G.

My husband was a fire fighter, EMT, 911 Dispatcher, and then an ER nurse. We have been together since 2001 and have three children. I’m currently a life coach and write blogs for First Responder Coaching. I also do lots of freelance work for my Catholic groups and am a catechist. I believe in helping others discover the best version of themselves and achieving healthy goals. 


Stephanie R.

My husband is a medically retired Fire Captain who had to retire from his career due to a back injury. I’ve seen the toll it has taken with my husband, having to force to retire at an early age. I’ve also experienced the toll it has taken on myself. However, these experiences have led to educating myself, increasing my resilience, and wanting to increase support for others as well.
I have my graduate degree in forensic psychology with a focus on trauma and first responders. I run two social media groups for our first responders and presented numerous papers and presentations on what PTSD looks like in our first responders and their families. I have a background in working with Autism, trauma, emergency rooms, elder services, community-based services, and mental health emergency services. My style is easy going, but also setting firm goals and what steps we can take to get there. I incorporate what self-care looks like for you and believe that you are unable to take care of anyone else before taking care of yourself. I am here to guide you to be a better version of yourself in whatever that may look like for you and increase whatever extra support you may need!

Donald Pemberton

Donald P.

I am a fourth-generation firefighter and a career firefighter/ paramedic. I have always enjoyed helping new firefighters and paramedics become the best they can be. Now, as a first responder coach, I have more tools that I can use to improve the lives of our first responders at home and at work. 


Kelsey L.

I am the spouse of a Law Enforcement Officer. My husband and I married before he entered the academy, so we’ve been learning how to navigate first responder life together for the past 10 years. We know it’s not an easy life, but we wouldn’t change a thing. My goal at FRC is to give you a listening ear. I am someone who can relate and understand the ups and downs life brings. I want to help you feel accepted, understood, heard, and prepared to move forward in your journey. 

Kelsey Learn
Brandie Thomas

Brandie T.

I am connected through the First Responder community through my husband who is a police officer. We have been a LEO family for over 8 years now, but we have also experienced life from the perspective of a Probation Officer and Correctional Officer. My goals with FRC are to coach women First Responders and Wives of First Responders by providing support and strategies to thrive as they navigate their roles in the first responder community. 


Victoria H.

I am in school working on a Behavior Health degree with an emphasis on Trauma. My faith in the Lord has gotten me through many struggles. I’m a single mom to a 10yr old boy who has wanted to be a cop and a firefighter since he was 5. For the past year and a half, I have been dating a paramedic. He’s been in the EMS/firefighting field for 13 years. He was one of the first on scene for the Boston Marathon bombing. That instance, among many others, has plagued him with PTSD. I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t talk or feel like they’re stuck. We hope to be married within the year and I set out to find a career that would fit well with his lifestyle. Coaching to help other first responders is the obvious answer. I’d be honored to help you thrive in all your relationships and in your personal life.

Darrel Headshot

Darrel S.

Also known as Coach D, I worked for the state of Michigan for 25 years before my recent retirement. I was a corrections officer from 1996, moved on to boot camp in 1997, then obtained an office job as the Corrections Program Coordinator. Now that I’m retired, I’m working as a life coach here at First Responder Coaching. 


Kathi K.

I am a Law Enforcement officer’s wife, mom to 2, and daughter of a First Responder, along with being an educator. My husband has been in Law Enforcement for 21 years, the last 19 with USCP. The events of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 changed our lives as our family navigated the longer effects of severe trauma. It also began the connection with other families encountering similar experiences and peer support resources. Those connections ignited a change in my trajectory as I work to build bridges through supporting spouses, families, and the careers of our spouses. First Responder Coaching is providing the tools to create tangible goals and figure out the steps to reach them. I am looking forward to bringing these tools to LEO and First Responder families, both by supporting the spouses of USCP and those in other agencies in this walk along the Blue Line. 


Bobbie K.

I am a college grad who has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and am pursuing a master’s degree in National Security Studies. Needless to say, the field of law enforcement is one of my passions. I am the daughter of an LEO; my dad has been with United States Capitol Police for 20 years. The attack on the Capitol on January 6th changed the lives of my whole family and we are working through the long-term effects of trauma. This incident has sparked change in other aspects of my life such as my career goals and my own mindset. I have also begun making connections with other LEO families who have had similar experiences, which eventually brought me to First Responder Coaching. I am looking forward to helping bring tools and resources to LEO families and help other kids like me navigate life along the Blue Line. 


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