We Are The Strength Behind The Shields.

We are daughters & sons, moms & dads, sisters & brothers.  We are family!

We, as a First Responder Community, are the first line of defense.  Without creating safe spaces for vulnerability and open dialogue about our emotions, the impact of mental health stressors will prevail. 

We’ve created First Responder Coaching to support ALL aspects of the first responder life.

Interested in getting personalized support for the complex life of first responding?

We know First Responders, because we are First Responders!

First Responder Coaching was founded on the simple premise that the people who know what first responder life is really like are first responders, their spouses and families.  
Founder/CEO Jennifer Anderson learned that first-hand, while experiencing the challenges that PTSD brought into all aspects of her life.  She used life coaching as a way to move through the daily struggles of schedules, finances, and marriage to create a deeper connection, stronger foundation, and thriving family life for her and her family. 
Born into a firefighting and military family, Keith Hanks then spent 21 years as a firefighter/EMT himself in Massachusetts. Years after leaving the job due to PTSD, he got connected with FRC and received coaching first, then became a certified coach as well. In January 2022, Keith became the Director of Business Development for First Responder Coaching. He hopes to bring coaching to as many first responders and their families as possible, so they can reap the benefits of a mentally healthy lifestyle as he did. 

Creating Resilient First Responders Through Coaching!

Coaching provides the tools to manage the stressors that our First Responder Community experiences at home and at work.

Our FRC Certified Coaches

Our coaches are all connected to the First Responder Life.  They have completed a rigorous 12-week training program.  The program consists of book studies, exposure to and understanding of different types of assessments, access and practice sessions with dozens of strategies, tools, and activities that can be used to support all of our Coaching Partners for all situations.  Book with any of our coaches here!


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