Blue Package – One On One With Coach Danielle A


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The BLUE package is for LEO Spouses who are ready and passionate about creating long lasting differences in their lives.  With two 45 minute sessions a week, this package is best for LEO Spouses with long term or immediate goals and are ready to put their current selves in the rear-view mirror.  If you are highly motivated, all-in, and ready for long term goal crushing, this is your package!  Whatever BIG changes you’re ready to make, including career changes, wellness goals, or moving through the challenges of LEO Life, you and your BLC Certified Coach will be celebrating successes in all aspects of your life!

Two 45 minute Private Coaching Sessions Weekly

Unlimited email availability

Membership access to BLC Facebook Group

Crown Straightening Mini-Sessions

Use of DiSC and other assessments for deeper and more specialized work

Weekly tools and activities tailored to specific goals

Coaching designed to dig deeper to create the LEO life you deserve





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