Welcome to my first Blog post!!

Hello Everyone!!
I wanted to start this first blog by sharing the gratitude that I have for all of you reading this today. Without the love and support from you, I wouldn’t have the courage to do ANY of this!
So while I’m about to jump right in and get started on my first blogging topic, I want to take this moment to share where I am right now about blogging. I want to be REAL and AUTHENTIC to show that I’m human and as such have experiences that I’m able to draw from. I also want to show that I’m VULNERABLE. Life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, (keep reading for more on that!). I want to share the deep and life changing experiences I’ve had with all of you. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly! I want to GIVE MY ALL in these blogs in hopes that you will see VALUE and DEPTH in understanding not only who I am, but also what I can do for you as a coach!
These last few years of exploring coaching in its various forms, have led me to some basic understandings about what coaching is, what coaching isn’t and what I want to accomplish through my coaching. In this first blog, I’d like to share my ideas.
1. What is coaching?
A. Coaching is a symbiotic relationship between coach and client. Coaching has to be between two people who are willing to dig to find out where they are in the present moment and through conversation and questioning identify goals to be set for each session and through time.
B. Great coaching allows the client the space and the time to work through ideas. We all get jumbled up and overwhelmed at times and the role of the coach is to let the client have the opportunity to work and talk through those overwhelming thoughts and feelings.
C. But above all, coaching is about listening. Have you ever been taught to actively listen? It’s a skill not many people truly possess. The ability to stop thinking about what you want to say next, the ability to reserve judgement about what you’re hearing, and to not only hear what is being said, but also what isn’t being said. Understanding what people are communicating using tone, volume, pitch, and understanding that silence is perfectly okay are tools that effective coaches use throughout their sessions.
2. What isn’t coaching?
A. Coaching isn’t advice giving. It can be a challenge not to give my opinions on how to fix a situation with my husband or my daughters, but when I’ve got on my coaching hat, It’s my responsibility to allow them to find solutions to whatever the situation may be. The only way to take ownership of the outcome is by letting someone explore their own solutions!
B. Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s not about delving deep into the past. Yes, while working beyond trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns is possible through coaching, the point is creating a different future. Understanding where you are in life and creating a pathway to accomplish the steps you discover is how you become the best version of yourself.
3. What coaching means to me!
A. Coaching is not just a whim, a side hustle, or a hobby for me. As a high school teacher for the past 15 years, I’ve been informally coaching teens through their day to day lives. From new friendships and broken hearts, to procrastination and planning for their futures, I have been an integral part of so many of those young lives.
B. Then about two years ago I myself hit a very difficult spot in my life. I found myself not able to control what was happening to my husband. His PTSD after 13 years on the police force became crippling and I needed to grow strength I never thought I could possess. In an instant I became the primary caretaker to so many of the aspects of the life I shared with Kevin for 16 years. Juggling our finances, organizing medical documentation, shuttling and supporting our daughters, (then 7 & 10), cleaning the house, and just managing life without my best friend was such a struggle. But what helped me through was coaching, reading personal growth books, and my family and friends! I was introduced to coaching at a time when I knew that the only way I could get through this time was with prayer and working on myself. SO that’s what I did. I learned so much about coaching through being coached to change my mindset and accomplish my goals that year.
C. Seeing the success I accomplished through a formal coaching relationship, when asked if I were interested in taking a course on How to Coach, I didn’t hesitate! During the six month course I soaked up every experience, every lesson, every tool, and fell in love with the process of allowing the space for people to create the life they have dreamed of! (Check out “About Me” above for more details about my training.) I want to live life regret and hesitation free! I will not let opportunity pass me by! So here it is…the reason all of this is coming together!
Through formal coaching I will guide you through making real changes in your day to day lives by establishing habits which will allow you to live your best life!
There you have it ladies and gentlemen, my first blog post!! I’ve worked on this first post for many hours and I hope you have gained a sense of where I am now and what I am looking forward to creating! Send me a message/email if you have an idea for a blog topic, to talk about your goals, or see what a coaching relationship can do for you!
All my best,