5 Top Benefits of Life Coaching

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Want to know the top benefits of life coaching?

You hear us go on about coaching in first responder life. We say that the coach approach is different and every department should have this avenue of mental health support. We share personal stories and share statistics.

But you may not be convinced there’s anything in it for you.

Let’s take a moment to explain why we at FRC do what we do. We’ll talk about why we want coaching in every department in the nation one day. Let’s dive into how life coaching can change you from the inside out.


What Is Life Coaching

Many people assume we give advice about how to handle challenging life situations.

Nope, that’s mentorship.

Or they think we help you vent your problems and work out your emotions.

Not exactly, that’s therapy.

Life coaching is 80% listening and 20% asking powerful questions. We start where and when you want to start and we ask you questions, letting you do the digging. We just listen, and listen powerfully, for most of the session.

Coaches don’t suggest goals or feelings or direction. You’d be surprised how seldom we ask why. We’re not interested in the why as much as the, “What will you do now?” We may ask, “What are some possible choices you have?” Then, we let you explore each one in order to decide on a course of action.

You see, coaching is about your life, your decisions, and your path. We’re just here to help you navigate. We don’t drive, you do. We don’t give direction, you do. When you need more help, we help you find it within yourself.

So what benefits of life coaching could you possibly get if we seem to offer so little aside from listening?

Benefits of Life Coaching

The benefits of life coaching are numerous, but we’ll name a few here. Just know that once you unlock this door, the one in your mind that frees uncertainty and doubt, you will find coaching has so much more to offer.

1. Gain Self-Awareness

As we dive into questions, asking you to dig for answers to questions you may not have considered before, you start to gain self-awareness. Introspection is vital for personal growth and as you realize more about yourself, your perspective shifts.

That change in perspective leads to new ideas, new views on current situations, and new solutions that you couldn’t see before.

You begin to see the benefits of life coaching with that first Aha! moment. Then, you’ll realize you really had the answers all along; you just needed someone to help you get around the corner.

2. Define Personal Values

Our values lead our decisions. While most of us value similar things and ideas, we each have a personal spin on our values that define our unique ways of thinking, speaking, and acting.

Defining these values helps clarify our desires and our path. Once a coach helps you see where those values land, you have a guide map to future choices. Things become more clear and less tangled.

Knowing our values means knowing our rules. While some rules may change over time, our deepest personal values tend to remain the same. A coach can help you discover that.

3. Set Achievable Goals

The most known of the benefits of life coaching is learning how to set achievable goals.

While we may want a specific end result, your coach will ask you about the steps to achieve this result. Then the coach will ask you about the steps to achieve the first step. Further, your coach will ask you when, where, and how you will go about that first step of steps.

These are your answers, your goals, your decisions. No one is forcing you. Your coach is not telling you any opinion or whether or not this seems feasible.

Your coach asks. You answer.

And your coach will hold you accountable. That’s actually the best part. Coaches let you know they will be checking up on you to see if you did what you decided you wanted to do.

4. Face the Honest Truth

The thing about accountability is it forces us to face the honest truth. In owning up to a mistake or failure to follow through on something, we lay things out honestly.

Truth exists whether we want it to or not. Coaches are simply there to make sure you’re looking right at it when you need to. Sometimes, when we accept the truth, things are actually easier. We move on better knowing we don’t have to work hard perpetuating a lie.

“I lost my job and I’m angry.”

“That call really bothered me.”

“I want to go back to school.”

No matter the statement, drawing out the truth of the situation, how you feel, or what you’d like to do about it will help make plain the direction in which you want to go.

5. Foster Self Improvement

As you learn more about yourself and your values, create goals, and face your path honestly, you will find you’re growing. You are fostering self-improvement as you move in directions you didn’t think were possible.

One of the best benefits of life coaching is personal growth through self-improvement.

Look, we love you as you are, but are you the best version of yourself right now? 

Do you want to feel better and have a better outlook on life for yourself?

This is the crux of coaching, finding out that you can be happier and that you do have the power to make it happen.

Want These Benefits of Life Coaching?

So if you have all those things and are happy with all the areas of your life, well, good for you. Well done. Thanks for reading.


Do you think life’s not perfect but you’re okay? You don’t need help?

Do you wonder if you could do more with yourself, but don’t feel courageous enough to try?

Are you stuck and feel like there’s no way out, so why bother?

If you learn anything about the benefits of life coaching, please learn this: the answers are inside of you. Coaches aren’t here to tell you what to do, force you into anything, or judge you.

We listen. We ask. And we listen some more. Then, we hold you to it.

It’s up to you, but if you think there’s room for improvement and want to start taking charge of yourself, your situation, your relationships, and your life, then reach out.