Coaching: Why Now?

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When people hear about coaching, they’re happy to hear there’s help out there for people who need it. When we encourage people to try it, they don’t think it’s necessary because they’re fine; save it for those who are desperate. Why try something new now if you’re not in need?

The Boat

Imagine you’re going boating. You pack a lunch, grab a life jacket, a water bottle, and you head out onto the sea. The weather turns unexpectedly and the waves are crashing against your boat. You thought you could handle this, but the sails rip, the motor is busted, and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of a rough ocean with very little supplies and it’s pouring rain.

Had you properly prepared, you would have checked the sails and the motor ahead of time. You may have packed more supplies. You probably would have checked the weather and opted to wait a day or two. What’s more, you may have considered emergency supplies and methods for calling for help. Preparing for disaster shouldn’t wait for disaster. At that point, it may be too late.

The Right Tools

Having the right tools and supplies in the boat is important for survival even if you never use them. It’s the same in all areas of life. We shouldn’t wait for disaster to prepare for disaster. The best survival tactic is being prepared. If you’re in a dangerous line of work, you receive training for all kinds of situations. Most of these involve personal safety, safety for others, and quick decision making. Imagine if you had similar tools for mental health survival.

First Responders face mentally and emotionally jarring situations. These stressors build up, especially if they’re traumatic. Over time, they not only weigh on a person, but they start to manifest in one’s attitude, outlook, and ability to function if not addressed. The sails will rip, the motor will bust, and what will you do? With the right tools, you can survive. Knowing the signs of stress and how to face it or avoid it can prepare you for this tumultuous journey called life.

Coaching Now

Coaching not only helps you get through a tough time, but it prepares you to recognize possible challenges before they happen. Sometimes, you may avoid them or be able to go at them with confidence. Having the right tools from coaching will prepare you for dealing with almost any life challenge. If you’re not prepared or not prepared enough for the current challenge, your coach is there to listen and travel through this with you. Having someone on your side is sometimes the most powerful tool.

Disaster isn’t going to pause to let you get your gear together, so get prepared before disaster. In the first responder world, trauma happens. Having the right tools and resources in place before that happens is critical to seeing your way through the event and all the after effects. Don’t wait for the emergency; be prepared now.