Introducing the First Responder Coaching Foundation (FRCF)

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.

We’re ready to announce something exciting! Well, we’re excited, and we hope you will be too. For two years, First Responder Coaching has bushed whacked through many obstacles in the clash of the first responder and mental health worlds. We’ve been working on a particular project for about a year and it’s finally here!

Let’s cut right to it.

We’re introducing the First Responder Coaching Foundation 501(c)(3), a nonprofit branch of FRC!

What’s this new branch we’ve launched, who’s involved, and how does it work to make coaching more accessible? We’re unpacking that right here. Keep reading.

What is the FRCF?

The First Responder Coaching Foundation (FRCF) was licensed as a 501(c)(3) this past summer. Run by Jen Anderson, Audrey LaBrie, and Liz Ranney, the foundation seeks to fill the gaps for first responder family members who need coaching but may not have access through departments.

We realize that some departments that purchase coaching packages may only be offering those sessions to the responders. It’s really up to the departments to decide if sessions are open to spouses and family members and, for some, it may be limited so they need to be choosey. That’s okay because we found a way to step in.

We understand the importance of coaching spouses. (Hello? Jen’s story?) Community health and wellness start at home, so the lines of communication in relationships and the mental wellness of families are vital to a mentally healthy responder.

FRCF was designed to fill those gaps and cover the spouses and family members of first responders so support can be the most proactive by starting at home. During critical incidences or departmental losses, spouses and other family members are often short of support, especially once the dust settles. A casserole or financial support can only take you so far. You’re finally left with that “now what?” moment — and that’s where coaching comes into play.

But we know that coaching is more than reactive, it’s proactive. That’s why it’s vital to take measures now to prepare and fortify yourself for all situations in first responder family life.

How Does FRCF Work?

The FRCF works alongside the departmental package process. For every session purchased within a departmental package, FRCF will donate a session for a spouse or family member. For example, a package of 25 coaching sessions for responders means we donate 25 sessions to spouses and family members.

When a department purchases a package, a separate code will be made available for spouses and family members. Departments and first responders will be able to share this with their families so everyone has access to coaching!

To support this, we’re fundraising with upcoming events (more on this in the coming months) and accepting donations.

How Can You Help?

You can help us get off the ground!

  • Donate by contacting us to help fund coaching for a first responder’s spouse or family member.
  • Share this information with your company or someone you know who might donate more.
  • Ask your department if they can help fund a package for spouses to go along with their department package!
  • Attend one of our upcoming events. (Stay tuned on social media over the next few months so you don’t miss any announcements.)
  • Spread the word so more people know about this exciting service we’re bringing to families. Seriously, share this story!

Supporting Those Who Support

A healthy mental well-being includes a healthy home. When everyone communicates well at home, knows how to adjust before trauma takes hold, and has action plans for support ahead of crisis, injury isn’t as bad and recovery is even better.

We don’t just support first responders here at FRC, we support those who support them: their spouses and family members. That’s the mission behind the FRCF and that’s why this foundation is so important. We hope you’ll help support us and spread the word. As always, we’re here for you and your family.