Memes That Mean Something

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Keeping it light and easy today, here’s a list of memes that mean something to first responders. Some might be crass or a bit harsh, but hey, it’s first responder world. Just a light-hearted post full of first responder memes to help us laugh a bit. We know you’ll relate to some. Some relate to more than the one category they’re under.


But seriously, don’t annoy dispatch. They can make or break you.
You have been warned.
It’s not for the faint of heart. None of first responding is.
Do NOT use the Q word. Ever!

Law Enforcement/Corrections

Shout out to all the police officers using their ninja skills to get the job done. (Also, that really looks like it’s going to hurt.)
Thank you officers for handling all the, well, challenged folks with such grace. It’s not easy.
All first responding is stressful. Props to the guys and gals in all first responder fields that put in the years!
They’re not here to take your order. They’re here to keep you (and those around you) safe.
Ah yes, a 24 hour industry with rotating schedules. What are weekends again?


We’re working on pushing improvements here. This would seriously help staffing issues if everyone followed this motto!
Because… firefighters.
This is more like it. In the end, we’re all working together.
When breaking in is acceptable, some jobs are more fun.
Yikes! We had to give a shout out to the forestry people! You all rock!


If you know, you know.
This goes for many industries, but those who work only nights will feel this deeply.
Again, if you know, you know. We want to boost communication and understanding among the ranks but this one, well, it’s tough to solve without someone losing.
We know this applies to all fields. This is literally one of the main reasons for burnout and why we advocate for self-care and mental health checks for everyone.
Don’t you just love the new guys?


How are you going to explain this one?
No rest for the weary, or the hungry.
And then try again… right?
We take for granted so much and don’t realize all our military men and women have gone through.

Mental Health

If you’re not ferociously built for life’s challenges, let out your inner, er, guinea pig!
We’re here to remind you that you deserve to feel better. Don’t be complacent with unhappiness. Always reach out.
Pay it forward. Helping others is a great way to help you help yourself, but be sure you’re actually getting help too!
Relapsing can happen, so we recommend always having a plan in place before it does. Recovery will come faster with a support system and a plan.
If only it were that easy. People just don’t know what to say and that makes them uncomfortable. Seek support from those who know and can give it. FRC is here and can help direct you.
This, so much this. Let’s smash that stigma!

Got any must-share memes we missed?