Q&A with the FRC Team: Jennifer Anderson, CEO/Founder

We’ve been connecting and building for a while and things are starting to get big, Bigger, HUGE! We’d better start introducing ourselves! We are First Responder Coaching, first responders and family members who understand the job, the stress, the challenges, and the heartaches of first responder life. You probably knew that, but did you know who’s behind this whole endeavor? We’re going to throw a bio out every couple days to introduce the admin team. Everyone’s important to making this ship sail, but we’ll start at the top today.

Today, we’ll highlight:

Jennifer Anderson

What’s your role here at FRC?

I am the Founder/CEO of FRC!

What’s your connection to first responder life?

My husband Kevin was a Police Officer for 15 years. Then, in 2018, he was hospitalized for PTSI and everything that came with it. Through my own experiences of engaging in a coaching program, then becoming a coach, I saw the HUGE value that coaching could bring to our first responder population. I’m honored to be doing what I love EVERY day!

What’s your experience with coaching?

After completing Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results Program in 2018, I was able to grow into the woman, wife, and mom I needed to be in order to rebuild the foundation of our family. I knew then that coaching was special and nothing like I’d ever experienced through therapy or counseling. In the fall of 2018, I was approached by Paul Hackett who had put together a 9-month coach certification course. I was hooked! After launching Blue Line Coaching on Valentine’s Day of 2021, I partnered with the National Police Wives Association and started coaching some of the Capitol Police Spouses. It was an incredible experience! 

Not long after, a few of the spouses asked if they could become coaches to support a larger population. I of course said YES and teamed up with Paul Hackett to create our BLC Coach Certification Course. Blue Line Coaching was building, and I was so very excited!

How did your journey bring you to FRC?

After a tragic occurrence at a fire in Maryland, a fire chief reached out to one of our BLC Coaches and asked if she could support the red during that difficult time. The answer was an immediate YES! That was the first time I realized that coaching was truly for EVERYONE! With the focus on first responders and the trauma they endure on the job, the sky was the limit. FRC was born and has grown now to almost 40 people within our organization. I couldn’t be more humbled!

What are hopes and aspirations as an FRC team member?

As the Founder/CEO, I don’t have hopes, I have goals. The setting, taking of action steps, and accomplishment of those goals repeated every day, week, month, and year are what is going to build FRC to helping thousands of people through hundreds of coaches every single day! I have a vision of a certified FRC Coach in every major First Responder Department in the next 5 years. We are building an AMAZING team of people who have the same vision, and I can’t wait to see OUR goals come to fruition.