Q&A with the FRC Team: Kayla Hutchinson, Director of Human Resources

We’ve been connecting and building for a while and things are starting to get big, Bigger, HUGE! We’d better start introducing ourselves! We are First Responder Coaching, first responders and family members who understand the job, the stress, the challenges, and the heartaches of first responder life. You probably knew that, but did you know who’s behind this whole endeavor? We’re going to throw a bio out every couple days to introduce the admin team. Everyone’s important to making this ship sail, so let’s continue introducing our leadership team.

Today, we’ll highlight:

Kayla Hutchinson

What’s your role here at FRC?

Director of Human Resources

What’s your connection to first responder life?

I am not a first responder but come from a military veteran family. My brother is finishing 20 years in the Navy, my grandfather retired from the Navy, and my father-in-law is retired from the Army.

What’s your experience with coaching?

My experience with coaching has been in the business environment. As a manager for many years, my focus was on developing people and helping them achieve their goals in the work environment which translated to their personal life goals. Helping people find their path and achieve their goals is always inspiring and emotional for me.

How did your journey bring you to FRC?

I officially met Jen during the summer of 2022. At the time, I was experiencing burnout at my work for various reasons, but most of all wanted to have a greater impact. I offered to help Jen and the FRC family in late September and it’s been amazing meeting everyone and being inspired by the work FRC is doing and will do in the future.

What are hopes and aspirations as an FRC team member?

It is nearly impossible to miss the signs and impact of mental health in our communities. First responder work is inspiring. There are so many hopes and aspirations that it’s hard to pick even a few. FRC is going to make amazing things happen and I look forward to helping them get there!