Q&A with the FRC Team: Ken Bosse, FRC Coach Trainer

We’ve been connecting and building for a while and things are getting big, Bigger, HUGE! We’ll continue to introduce ourselves. We are First Responder Coaching, first responders and family members who understand the job, the stress, the challenges, and the heartaches of first responder life. Here’s another member of our team you may not know.

Today, we’ll highlight:  

Ken Bosse

What’s your role here at FRC?

Coach Trainer

What’s your connection to first responder life?

My dad was a New Hampshire State Trooper years ago. My daughter is a Respiratory Technician Nurse and my son-in-law is a Laconia NH Police officer. I have been the Chaplain for the Raymond NH Police Department for 14 years.

What’s your experience with coaching?

I am a PCC level life coach with the International Coaching Federation and a level 3 coach with A/G Coaching. I am also an A/G coach trainer as well as a FRC coach trainer.

Years ago, after being introduced to coaching, I immediately saw the benefits of moving people forward to accomplish their desires in life. I threw myself into a never-ending pursuit of coach education. As I applied it to clients, I saw immediate results in their lives.

How did your journey bring you to FRC?

When I did a presentation for A/G coaching, I was introduced to Lead Trainer Paul Hackett. He later reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in becoming a trainer for FRC. Because of my connection with coaching and law enforcement, it was a perfect fit.

What are your hopes and aspirations as an FRC team member?

I desire to see FRC coaches be the best trained and most competent coaches in the field of coaching. Our First Responders deserve the best.