Show Up Anyway

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The Struggle is Real

It’s been a hard few years for everyone. The struggle is real and it’s ongoing. We’re all battling the elements. Some are battling more than others but we’re all battling something in some way. One thing we can all do to help the struggle is this: show up anyway.

Effort Counts

That may seem a bit harsh but it’s true. The first step in overcoming a problem is effort. You may underestimate how much effort counts. If you want to lose weight, you need to lessen your caloric intake or increase your exercise, or better yet do both. If you want to get a raise you need to show some stellar work and maybe even proactively ask for it. No matter what your goal, your effort towards that goal is the first and most important continuous step in achieving it. These efforts are you showing up.

No one is going to hand you your effort. It needs to come from inside you. Deep down, you want something – you really, really want it. Show up for it. You need to dig deep and find the drive to put in the time and effort to bring it to reality. Again, some are battling more than others. Some need more help than others and that’s okay. If you need more help, maybe your effort is asking for help. Maybe that’s your “showing up.” If it comes down to your own action, put it out there. Something, any kind of action on your part counts.

What it Means to Show Up

Showing up doesn’t just mean physical presence but it does start there. You’re struggling to be at work, but you need the paycheck so you show up anyway. If the struggle is too much, you need to figure that out. Get help, talk to your boss, your coach, a family member. Trying to get help with this is you showing up for yourself; you’re showing up to find a solution to this problem.

You’re depressed and struggle to get out of the house and be with family or friends. Show up anyway. Take the steps, small and manageable, but take them. Once out, maybe you feel better than staying home alone. Maybe shorter moments of socializing help. Erase those doubts and dangerous self-talk and show up anyway. Make the decision to be better, to believe that you can and will be better. And when it’s all too much, show up for you and reach out for support.

Your Presence for You

No matter your goal, you are pivotal to making it happen. You want to be a better parent but [insert struggle here] holds you back? Show up anyway. You want to be recognized for your efforts at work but [insert struggle here] gets in your way? Show up anyway. Maybe you show up and your presence isn’t recognized. You’ll find over time, you’re not showing up for others; you’re showing up for you. You can look back and say, “I did my part.” When you consider the efforts you made, you have fewer regrets. You start to realize you are the master of your own life and you have the power to change what you want to change.

This isn’t about guilting you into “sucking it up.” We’re not about that here at FRC. This is about making a decision for you, for your goals, and putting in the effort despite fear, doubt, and discouragement. This is about showing up and making your effort count. Push, motivate, do what you have to, but show up for you.