The Power of Commitment

Ever say yes to someone only to back down or not follow through? Sometimes we realize that the task is too much, or maybe life throws a curveball and our ability to complete the task changes. Maybe we only say ‘yes’ at the time to be polite. Whatever the reason, many of us have those moments where we struggle to commit. So what works when trying to commit? When we want to succeed, what’s the best formula for success?

Do You Mean It?

My middle schooler is obsessed with hockey, a love that started in the toddler years. He plays left wing on his PeeWee team. This kid has everything hockey in his room. He claims that one day he’ll play in the NHL, but his level of commitment when it comes to practicing skills is another story. Of course, he’s only twelve,so right now, everything is all talk. When he’s more mature, and less into YouTube, we’ll see if he really commits.

To really mean it, you have to really want it. To really want it, it needs to come from you deeply. In coaching, we guide our coaching partner to produce their own ideas, their own goals, and their own action items. When it comes from inside themselves, there’s a greater chance of commitment. They own the ideas, the drive, and the goals. It’s their baby.


It’s great to want something, even better to want something that starts as our own idea, but it’s easy to get derailed too. When we come off track, it’s best to have someone in our corner to get us back on track. Coaches keep coaching partners on track, holding them accountable which helps drive success in their commitments. When you know someone is counting on you, and routing for you, you get a motivation boost. You’re more likely to complete the job or continue working towards your goal. Having someone check in with you is like having a guard rail on your road to success.

The Winning Spirit

Sometimes commitment is hard, even with personal goals and champions on our side. I’m on my way to going for my black belt, but being a 41 year old mother of three makes it a bit more challenging. There are days I’m so tired and so busy, no amount of motivation will get me to do any daily push-ups. I need to brush that off and try again the next day. I need to adjust and find my groove again. I need to picture that black belt (and picture my daughter who’s riding this train with me!) I need to cheer for me as much as I cheer for her.

Bad days happen, but breathe it out. Your best days happen when you get back up and recharge that winning spirit. You can do this! This is your goal, your challenge to yourself. Adjust if needed. Recharge and reset. Pick up and go at it again. Your coach (or your personal champion) is your guard rail. Check in and make sure you’re on track. This is a duty to yourself. You got this!