We Know You

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Knowing your coaching partner starts with understanding the industry of first responding. At FRC, we know you because we are you. We are first responders and first responder family members. We live in or have lived in the world of first responding. We know your schedule woes, your department struggles, your lack of sleep. We know your trauma types, your fears and worries, and your resilience to keep trying to be a helper.


When life coaching, a coach needs to understand his or her coaching partner. Getting to know a person comes more easily when you share a common interest or profession. While many coaches or therapists do their best to hear you out, they often become confused by the details, or shocked. They can’t form a good connection because they haven’t been in similar situations. They simply don’t know the industry.

First responders know first responder lifestyles, and when we know you, we understand you. We connect more readily. We’re not busy being shocked by circumstances, but we’re right there with you, listening and learning all about you. We don’t assume we know your feelings, but we listen deeply as you explain. We won’t be caught up in the trauma but hear your story thoroughly and how it affects you.


First responders share a comradery like no other. We’ve been in the trenches, some literally, and we know you and your world. While each individual story is different, the trials are often the same and we’re ready to push through this with you. Teachers bond with teachers, athletes with athletes, cooks with cooks. First responders bond with first responders. Many have a brotherhood that, no matter how much flack is given, cannot be understood by those outside the loop.

When that comradery meets coaching, a golden ticket to help arises. Now, we’re not just a listening ear, but we’re here to guide you through your challenges. We know you, and so we’ll dig deeper, ask more questions, and reflect back our observations. We’ll guide you through the maze of worry and doubt and help you find your own way out. You won’t do it alone.


With connection and comradery comes confidence. Having a life coach is a valuable asset in the world of self discovery and problem solving. Having a life coach who’s also part of the first responder world is gold. You can’t match this. It’s like having a physical therapist who was injured in the same sport, in the same way, as you. They will know your pain and how to help you through it. It’s a confidence that builds you up and drives you forward.

We want to do just that, to build each other up and drive each other forward. We want to smash the stigma of mental health so we can make help attainable and normal. You deserve the care you need because you are worth the fight. Just like the drive to help others which puts you in the first responder world, we’re here to help you with a drive to bring our helpers out of the darkness and into the light.