You Are Whole, You Are Enough

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Let’s take a moment to self-reflect. Are you who you think you are? You are whole and you are enough, but do you see it that way?

Who Are You?

How do you view yourself? Do you think you are whole or that you’re enough? Do you view yourself through a lens of what you think others see?

Some define themselves by their profession. “I am a firefighter.” “I am a police officer.”

Some by their faults. “I’m an addict.” “I’m an alcoholic.”

Some by their hobbies. “I’m a runner.” “I am a musician.”

For first responders, their job defines them more than a desk jockey’s, like a secretary or accountant, would but is it enough? Is there more to who you are than your job?

How do you define yourself? Have you ever thought of this?

Is it your personality or friends that define you? Do you go by your family or hobbies?

Who are you?

Self Perception

It’s an unfairly weighted question. Trying to put into words one’s self-identity in a world with so many demands on personhood is frankly unfair. So, let’s try this. Let’s create an image instead.

If you were to look at yourself in your mind, a place where the abstract has meaning and form, what would you look like?

Broken? Lost? Disjointed? Alone? Comforted? Afraid? Certain? Angry? Tired? Scarred? Purpose-driven?

Write a list of things to describe what you see. What words stand out more strongly? Are there cracks? Are there holes? What’s missing?

Often we focus on our failures instead of our accomplishments. We compare experiences like transactions. If more bad happened, we’re in the red. If the good outweighs the bad, we’re okay.

But we as individuals are more than that. We are each of us unique, whole, and made for more. We cannot truly be defined by these things.

Filling the Holes

If not by the things we do and like, then by what are we defined?

Look at that mental image of you. Are there holes? Gaps? Pieces missing?

What belongs there?

When you try to fill those holes you may realize you’re using things you want to do or aspire to do or be. This is your potential. This is what’s possible.

Let’s change the perspective.

It’s not missing because you were broken. Maybe it was before, but now it’s a place to fill, so let’s fill it.

With what, you may ask. Fill it with hope. Fill it with inspiration. You can fill it with goals and intentions but remember this: you get to choose what goes there. Choose wisely.

You Are Whole

At First Responder Coaching, we believe our coaching partners (that’s you!) are healthy, whole, and resourceful. We believe you have potential and your goals are possible. We believe you have the means to achieve your dreams and we want to help you get there.

Those cracks, those missing pieces… they may have caused pain and created scars, but they hold potential. You can heal and you can be more. Know this, you are not less. You are not meant to be broken forever because you are made for more. You are whole and you are enough.