Your Coach, Your Confidant

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Someone to Talk to

We all need someone to talk to, to help us process and work through things. Someone who will keep things to themselves and not judge. Someone we can trust. We need a sacred space to go in conversation where we can let it out and find peace in the end. We need a person to help us hold the weight this life puts on us. This person has to be a great listener and a calm but encouraging supporter. Did you know your coach can be your confidant?


Support starts with personal connection. Your coach wants to hear all about you. Maybe you’re working through things or maybe your thoughts are all jumbled and you have no direction. Maybe you feel unmotivated or unheard or unqualified in an area of your life. Your coach wants to hear about it. Go on, complain for a bit, explain as much as you need, and let it all out. Coaches listen with strong curiosity and no judgment. How many people in your life are going to listen this much?


As you dig deeper with consistent sessions, your coach will challenge you. Your coach will reflect back what you’ve said, challenging you to reassess your previous conclusions. You will be challenged to see things in a new light, from a different perspective. It’s not about being wrong before, but it’s about growing from that moment to this moment. The conversation gets very personal but remains confidential, a safe space to grow and explore more about you.

Confidant Benefits

Having a confidant yields many benefits, no matter who it is. Psychologist group Family Guiding said in their 2015 article, Friendship Research: Having a Close Confidant Helps Keep Us Healthy, “Close friends cut down the depressive symptoms by about 40 percent, 6 symptoms per month for those with confidants versus 10 for those without.” (Research was taken from this 2014 study.)

If having a close friend or confidant on whom to rely in times of stress or trouble reduces tension, why not make it a professional? Why not confide in someone who you know will listen, not judge, and who can help guide you to a better you, a you with a purpose and direction? Your coach makes a great confidant!

Benefits of Your Coach as Your Confidant

Having your coach as your confidant does wonders! Here’s ten benefits which could prove invaluable in times of need (list inspired by Canadian Living article by Jessica Padykula, Top 10 Reasons You Need a Best Friend.):

  • Comfort – They know you well.
  • Connectedness – You are not alone.
  • Unconditional Support – Your coach is NOT going to give up on you!
  • Self-Esteem Boost – Coaches help focus on the positive and encourage you!
  • Honesty – While coaches don’t share their opinions, they do remain honest in observations and will repeat back what they hear to you (and you alone). It’s amazing how this affects your own perspective!
  • Perspective – When coaches ask coaching partners to dive deeper, they discover so many new perspectives!
  • Life Lessons – Coaches help you reflect on your life, which often leads to learning lessons you never knew were there.
  • Trust – Coaches will never betray your confidence.
  • Personal Growth – Coaches challenge you to go forward, move from where you are, and grow!
  • The Best Sounding Board – While coaches are more than just a sounding board, they are that too when needed.