The Power of You

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We’re all human and so we all get stuck sometimes, and there’s no shame in that. We simply need to ask for help, which can be easier said than done. We first need to know who to ask, maybe how to ask, and then hope that someone is willing to help. What if there were a way to solve the problem yourself so that you don’t have to rely on others to get you unstuck every time? What if getting unstuck came from the power of you?

The Mirror

Imagine you’re putting on makeup or shaving your face. Now, some people can do this without seeing what’s happening, but lots of people need to use a mirror. They need to see the reflection of what’s happening more clearly. They may know the direction in which they’re going but seeing the whole landscape reflected back at them can make things easier and help them to avoid mistakes.

Learning how to help yourself (to say, for instance, get unstuck) can be similar to using that mirror. In this case, the mirror is a guide as you learn your whole personal landscape and navigate your way to a solution. So who is the mirror? That would be your life coach. The landscape is you.

The Coach 

A life coach does not tell you what to do. Rather, a life coach guides you with questions and reflections of what you say and how you are reacting so that you can see your whole personal landscape. The landscape includes your brain, your emotions, your reactions, all of you.

Just like the mirror doesn’t suddenly tell you where to apply the makeup or scrape off the shaving cream (because that would be creepy), a life coach is not going to tell you what to do and how to do it. What a life coach will do is listen and reflect back all you say and how you act or react to help you see yourself and your situation from a different perspective. 

The Power of You

So what does this all mean for you? This means that the solution is coming from you. Your perspective may need to change, and the landscape may need to be better learned, but that’s what your coach is there for. Your job as the coaching partner is to keep learning, keep an open mind, and keep moving forward.

Experiencing coaching is experiencing the power of you. You have power over your own life, not anyone else’s, and not any circumstances that are outside of your control. You do have power over your own actions, words, and reactions. This is where you can see the power of coaching enhance the power of you. What can you do for you?