Q&A with the FRC Team: Keith Hanks, Director of Promotions

We’ve been connecting and building for a while and things are starting to get big, Bigger, HUGE! We’d better start introducing ourselves! We are First Responder Coaching, first responders and family members who understand the job, the stress, the challenges, and the heartaches of first responder life. You probably knew that, but did you know who’s behind this whole endeavor? We’re going to throw a bio out every couple days to introduce the admin team. Everyone’s important to making this ship sail, so let’s continue introducing our leadership team.

Today, we’ll highlight:

Keith Hanks

What’s your role here at FRC?

I am the Director of Promotions. My job entails a lot of the social media, podcasting, and conference level events within FRC. The biggest part of my job is obviously to “promote” FRC and I do so by telling my story as a first responder while tying in how First Responder Coaching has become part of it. I do this via social media posts, conferences, and other similar speaking events, podcasts, and radio interviews and soon our own FRC Podcast that I will be hosting!

What’s your connection to first responder life?

I was a firefighter/EMT for 21 years (1996-2017) in Massachusetts. My family has firefighting roots dating back to 1875. During my time on the job, I worked heavily in training being both a FD training officer and an EMS field training officer. I left the job in 2017 due to PTSD and ever since I have advocated for mental health and wellness for our first responders.

What’s your experience with coaching?

My experience began with connecting with Founder/CEO Jennifer and then becoming a certified life coach after completing the 12-week course. After that I moved into the Director of Business Development position. I then moved into a more appropriate role of Director of Promotions where I get to really flex my talent.

How did your journey bring you to FRC?

I had joined a Facebook group for first responders based around PTSD, mental health, and support. Founder/CEO Jennifer Anderson reached out to me in a private message, and we connected. She needed some “street cred” for her organization, and I am always looking to help first responders. The rest is history as they say. (See experience with coaching section.)

What are hopes and aspirations as an FRC team member?

I hope to continue to bring my experience and knowledge of the first responder world to FRC in an effort to get this great resource into the hands of as many responders and their families as possible!