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The Road Less Traveled

We face changes all the time. It feels like our road ends and there’s nothing clear afterwards. We need to look deep, find the courage, and plunge ahead into the unknown.

Spotlight: Kris Rath, LEOW

Kris Rath is a recently retired police wife (LEOW) and Illinois Affiliate of the National Police Wives Association (NPWA). Kris is a mom to two teenage boys and has been entrenched in the law enforcement life for 23 years.

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Balance Coaching: The Daily Juggle

We all desire balance in life, a feeling of contentment that makes the daily routine feel in alignment. This is what balance coaching strives for, that feeling of being able to take each day in stride, action after action.

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Building Trust

A coaching relationship can be a powerful tool to one’s personal growth and forward movement. The key to building the perfect coaching relationship is all about building trust.

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Are You Even Listening?

We have conversations all the time. They can be quick and inconsequential or deep and meaningful. That is to say we could be ordering a coffee or discussing the deeper meaning of life with a close friend. The depth of a conversation is not all about the context though. Conversations also become more meaningful when …

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